On Brand

Shape Your Narrative. Share Your Vision. Shift Their Perception.

Aliza Licht

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From bestselling author Aliza Licht, On Brand is part career book, part personal growth guide and will help you answer the question: What’s on brand for you? Ideal for anyone seeking personal development to help them level up, pivot professionally, or for support through a transition.   

How you show up in person, over email, and on social media communicates your personal brand. That brand deserves thoughtful cultivation and crafting as you shape your narrative, build your network, grow your confidence, hone your mindset, and plot your future. Aliza Licht, a former communications executive who successfully turned her expertise into a multimedia brand, shares both personal and professional advice from her lived experiences to help you discover what your brand is: who you already are, who you want to be, and how to ensure others see you that way.

In a world where the lines between personal and professional brand are blurred and we communicate nonstop in both obvious and subtle ways, getting your message right and learning how to market yourself is paramount to success, and can determine which opportunities are presented to you, or handed to someone else.

This book is for the new graduate seeking her first job, the middle manager looking to level up, the executive who wants to become more notable, the entrepreneur building from scratch, the person who wants to pivot to a new career, the social media influencer who is her own brand—it’s for anyone who wants to affect the way people perceive them and feel proud when they hear the words “that’s so on brand for you.” 

This personal branding book has the best practices for anyone–whether you’re just starting to consider your personal brand or have decided to rebrand yourself–to help you engage the world, to be known and understood so you can prosper professionally, personally, and financially. It’s the new What Color is Your Parachute book for graduates seeking career help relevant to the social media generation, and new leadership books for the remote work employee wanting to establish influence in today’s virtual workplace. 

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