Fortune's Kiss

Amber Clement

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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Jugendbücher ab 12 Jahre


Are you willing to risk everything for a chance to be kissed by fortune?
Drink and let your soul be measured.

Welcome to Fortune’s Kiss, where you can attain your wildest dreams, but the price of admission . . . may be your life.

For the first time in a decade, the legendary gambling den, Fortune’s Kiss, has returned to Ciudad Milagro. The game is Lotería.

As starry-eyed children, best friends Mayté and Lorena made a pact to enter the den together, but much has changed: strong, proud Mayté, sole daughter of the disgraced Robles family, dreams of becoming a famous painter, while beautiful Lo suffers at the hands of her powerful—and abusive—father.

With its return, the pair enter the mystical den. Once inside, they realize that beneath the enchanting glamour, the salon hides treacherous secrets—like the old, predatory magic beating in its heart. And it is ravenous.

Round after round, the girls scheme, lie, flirt, do what’s necessary to win. But when bodies begin piling up, all bets—and friendships—are off as each girl learns exactly how far she’s willing to go to ensure she leaves the table on top.

See, this Lotería is no children’s diversion. It is a deadly game of chance that may just eat them alive.



Mexican fantasy, Latina characters, Loteria, best friends, betrayal, survival, Latinx, Latinx fantasy, high stakes, magical gambling den