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Above the Clouds

Philip Benguhe

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Belletristik / Science Fiction, Fantasy


Above the Clouds is a work of science fiction that explores how the history of humanity would have changed if instead of clears skies above, the planet was covered in a thick blanket of clouds. Without views of the heavens to drive the development of science and society, humankind turned their attention inward. The worship of volcanoes and the god Vulcan dominated religion and prevented society from looking upwardâencapsulated in the religion's most famous maxim, "Everything you need is beneath your feet!"With the election of a new progressive president, a group of scientists are now directed to build a probe to finally see what lies above. However, their efforts are frustrated by the work of religious radicals, betrayed loyalties, and changing political dynamics.The main character, Jason, with the help of his friends and the team, must navigate these obstacles and risk his professional career to assure the probe is launched and its discoveries shared with the world.

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