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the Spaces Between: Unseen Forces That Shape Your Life

Michael Reccia

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Sachbuch / Psychologie, Esoterik, Spiritualität, Anthroposophie


Prepare yourself for an eye-opening odyssey through magical, metaphysical realities

The spaces between...
...Are filled with wonder, spectacle and the unexpected.
So says Joseph, the ancient, discarnate spirit communicator in this, the eighth book of his internationally-acclaimed series, as he draws back the heavy curtain of 'reality' to reveal aspects of the world and of our physical and spiritual lives that have remained unnoticed, unseen and unappreciated for countless aeons.
Within these pages you will meet the many wondrous expressions of spiritual life, both positive and negative, that co-habit and interact with us on Earth – hugely influential beings that at worst have been dismissed entirely and at best confined to the realms of folklore and myth as a result of our current fascination with all things material and the glamour of our express-train society.
You will also come face to face with and discover the nature of some of the deepest facets of yourself, allowing you to gain greater control over your life and to express and project the noblest aspects of 'you' into the world for your personal benefit, the benefit of all humanity and the good of the planet itself.
Prepare yourself for an enlightening, enthralling and sometimes shocking journey through the parallel realms that exist around and within you at this very moment, waiting to once again be recognised and understood.
...By the last page you will be in no doubt that the 'spaces between' – on Earth, in the heavens and deep within yourself – are, in fact, anything but.

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