The Dreamist

R. Neville Johnston

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Dreamist is a Future Novel. At the turn of this century, the greatest game show that has ever been created is about to step into a whole new dimension. The story follows the life of Kabel Newstarr, from the heights of delight that the show bestows on a person, to the depths of a hellish war that is being waged against the contestants and the future of our planet. No one suspects the true architect busy at work. Instead they are sleep in their isolation chambers projecting their dreaming bodies and preparing to do battle. The true bonds of brothers and sisters in war are forged as the game gains momentum into its next level. It seems like the show is over but this is just the beginning. Things get much more serious much more rapidly. It looks as though all will be lost and humanity will de-evolve and remain enslaved. When help arrives from an unforeseen unexpected source. It goes where no Sci-Fi has ever gone. The author himself says, Im not going to pitch you a lot of hype. This is a fun story that will pull you right through it. You will be a better, more enlightened person and a much greater dreamer at the end. My gratitude for reading. Dreamist takes off where the movie Inception ended. This book is a dream journal from the future. Read it before you fall asleep. Its story coated education.

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