Wild by Nature

Selected Prose, Poetry and Essays by an Alaskan Woman

Terry Herda Gucker

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Ratgeber / Familie


A womans passion for wilderness, family, and faith leads her to a land of harsh realities and great fulfillment - a celebrated perspective on the Alaskan experience. This prose is a vibrant celebration, both sensual and poetic, of the familiar and unobserved nature of simple truths that abound around us. It is compelling and full-bodied, demanding to be savored. A captivating and courageous style of writing one rarely encounters. Douglas H. Hudson ~ Alaskan and the Pacific Northwest Artist In this collection you can experience Gods Country through the eyes of an adventurous author who revels in the untamed wilderness of Alaska. Here also are the seasons of personal growth and family life with all its joys and sorrows. Whether in prose or poetry, Theresa reveals a wondrous talent for keen observation, rich description, and exquisite phrasing. Her work is both vibrant and reverent. Norma L. Halvorsen ~ Oxford educated English professor, now retired Turn off your radio, TV, computer, Blackberry, raspberry or everyberry and let Terrys prose surround you. Turn on your imagination and the natural world will return in all its beauty. Terry has a way with words that will refresh your spirit. Bob Pickrell ~ publisher of the best little magazine once in Alaska. Both are now retired Bravo! To Terry Herda Gucker. Her poem, Magdalene, is a mini masterpiece in theology. Encore! Father Louis L. Renner, SJ ~ historian, author, journalist and preist