Pass the Blessing: Inspirational Quotes of Service and Encouragement

The Faith Warrior Delleon McGlone.

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Pass The Blessing: Inspirational Quotes of Service and Encouragement covers 5 inspirational, spiritual and motivating topics. This book gives insight on how focusing on these subjects and the quotes that come with them can lift up your spirit and help you focus on the positives in life. Most importantly wants this book has helped you find a blessing remember to PASS THE BLESSING! 1. FAITH FOLLOWER: Having a vision of greatness and knowing and trusting that through any and all obstacles God will see you through 2. ACHIEVER BELIEVER: Going after your ambitions with God as your shield and standing tall on your mountain top 3. THE BLESSED SEEK THE BEST: Seeking first the kingdom of God and all the blessings that come with it 4. L-O-V-E: Self Love, Being Loved, Spreading Love, Showing Love, Loving Everything and Everybody 5. EXTRA SUPPORT: Additional messages of Inspiration & Motivation