Shadow of Sohvan

Shane C. Callow

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Belletristik / Fantasy


"She stared about in confusion before noticing something. The crystal rose was twinkling in the snow. She huddled down next to it. Her fingers stretched toward it, brushing the snow off from the pile it lay in. Intently, her hazel eyes lingered upon the rose. The red surface of the petals reflected her stare. She closed her eyes and clutching the rose closer to her chest. Her eyes opened. Golden light swam across her face and in an instant, she was gone only leaving a flash of light behind her." -passage from Shadow of Sohvan Shadow of Sohvan is a tale of heroics in an epic fantasy world filled with magic, monsters and the sword. The story follows the quest of a young girl to be reunited with her lost love. Her journey takes her from distant shores of the wizard isles to the Tomb of the Ancient Kings in the tall Iterian Mountains.