On the Creation of a Peaceful World

By Natural Means of Selection

Engr. Abdul Ghafoor Khan

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Vergleichende und internationale Politikwissenschaft


The creation of a peaceful world by natural means of selection is highly unlikely without having the convergence of science with religion in the modern civilization. The American Philosopher Jesse C. Fleming, a retired Associate Professor, and the Divya Quran Educational Foundation of India both provided this convergence when they read my previous book, Terrorist Are Born When the Pairs Break, based on the same basic law of creation which is applied to this study. Dr. Jesse C. Fleming wrote to me, I appreciate your idea that all existences from quarks to societies only function when there is a balanced complementariness of opposites or pairs, and your very logical conclusion that human rights too are possible only when this balance is maintained otherwise terrorism wins...... where as the Divya Quran Educational Foundation sent me a letter saying, We found the book as one of the best Islamic literature- far away from religious traditionalism...... the base of this book i.e. God created everything in pairs, and its detailed presentation singles out this book as the unique great human work. ............ I was profoundly encouraged with the two letters endorsing the convergence of science with the divine religion. We need this convergence for developing a global consensus for the creation of a peaceful world by natural means of selection. The Author

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