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Five-Finger Food Guide

A Food Guide You’Ll Never Leave Home Without.

Margaret Marshall

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The Five-Finger Food Guide is suggested for meat eaters, vegetarians, and vegans. If you are a college student, a busy parent, or someone who works more hours than you admit, the Five-Finger Food Guide will easily keep you on track with smart eating. Your guide goes everywhere you do, and is a handy reminder how you can eat smart in any situation. Margaret Marshall has a career that spans nearly three decades. It has been her daily routine to be welcomed into homes and offices, working with individuals or small groups of people connected by family, neighborhoods, friends, or work environment. She uses her expertise to help groups of familiar people recreate, restructure, and revive their eating. From the many life stories of these clients, she can tell you; The problem in Americas pantries lies in the cupboards of their minds. Margaret appears on TV hosting wellness segments. Her first book, Body, Mind, and MouthLifes Eating Connection, was released in 2012. It depicts how you manage the connection between your mind and your mouth, and enables you to reap the benefits in your body and health. Having a childhood nickname of Margaret, Margaret, the big fat target, it is her passion to help others change their self-image, health, and weight, and in turn, their happiness and level of success. Now she shares her Five-Finger Food Guide to help you eat smart, enjoy eating satisfaction, obtain your ideal body weight, and live a healthier life. Margaret is a nationally recognized speaker, and an expert in her field. She presents her wellness programs at corporate functions and conventions. Look for her blogs on Other books by Margaret Marshall: Body, Mind, & MouthLifes Eating Connection Contact Margaret Marshall at; Twitter: Margaret@MarshallM01 Face book: Margaret Thompson Marshall For further information visit:

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