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The Queen of Kush

A Tale of Love. a Tale of Hope. a Tale of Defiance.

Melvin J. Cobb

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Cleopatra, the last Queen of Egypt, is dead and her kingdom is now a province of the Roman Empire. Enticed by the wealth of Egypt’s southern neighbor, Meroë, Emperor Augustus Caesar sends his legions into the Kushite kingdom – inciting a long and brutal conflict.


Led by their defiant and formidable queen, Kandace Amanirenas, the Kushites stand proud and are undeterred against the greatest military power in the world.


However, the tides turn when a new Roman governor of Egypt is appointed. Soon, the queen finds herself being hunted by a ruthless enemy determined to extinguish the flame of Kushite sovereignty once and for all. Ravished by Roman brutality and corruption, Kushite resolve and support for the queen begins to waver. Now Amanirenas must fight to survive while wondering if she is indeed destined to be the last Queen of Kush.


Inspired by historical events, The Queen of Kush recounts the epic tale of hope and defiance as the legendary African queen rallies her nation to stave off the yoke of slavery and oppression.

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Melvin J. Cobb



War, Africa, History, Amanirenas, Rome, Kush, Queen