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Understanding Canadian Law Four-Book Bundle

Youth and the Law / Freedom of Expression / Crime Scene Investigations / Life or Death

Daniel J. Baum

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In this special four-book bundle, legal expert Daniel J. Baum explains Canadian law in a clear and understandable way.


Youth and the Law

Laws, as they relate to youth and youth issues, can be difficult to understand for those they are intended to serve. Baum breaks down the Supreme Court of Canada’s decisions relating to youth in plain language intended for readers of all ages.

Freedom of Expression
Freedom of Expression details the protections, limits, and interpretation of freedom of expression in Canada.

Crime Scene Investigations
A clear guide to the powers and limitations of law enforcement officials. From the right to a lawyer’s advice, to privacy law in search and seizures, to stop-and-frisk-style “carding” operations, this book covers the key topics in depth.

Life or Death (New!)
Our bodies are ours to control, free from state interference — or so it would seem from the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. But how is this principle really applied?

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