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Cold Girl

A B.C. Blues Crime Novel

R.M. Greenaway

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


2017 Arthur Ellis Award, Best First Novel — Shortlisted
2014 Unhanged Arthur Award for Best Unpublished First Crime Novel — Winner

It’s too cold to go missing in northern B.C., as a mismatched team of investigators battle the clock while the disappearances add up.

A popular rockabilly singer has vanished in the snowbound Hazeltons of northern B.C. Lead RCMP investigator David Leith and his team work through the possibilities: has she been snatched by the so-called Pickup Killer, or does the answer lie here in the community, somewhere among her reticent fans and friends?

Leith has much to contend with: rough terrain and punishing weather, motel-living and wily witnesses. The local police force is tiny but headstrong, and one young constable seems more hindrance than help — until he wanders straight into the heart of the matter.

The urgency ramps up as one missing woman becomes two, the second barely a ghost passing through. Suspects multiply, but only at the bitter end does Leith discover who is the coldest girl of all.

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Northern B.C., Cal Dion, Hazelton B.C., Dion and Leith, Highway of Tears, Hazeltons, award winner, First Nations, Arthur Ellis Unhanged Arthur, teamwork, police procedural, Prince Rupert BC, conflict, David Leith, courage, West Coast, RCMP, missing persons, team, winter, redemption, North Vancouver