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Food, Sex, and You

Untangling Body Obsession in a Weight-Obsessed World

Stacey Gorlicky

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Ratgeber / Entspannung, Yoga, Meditation, Autogenes Training


A look at our relationship with food and sex, what happens when we become too dependent on either, and how to start recovering.

The need for food and the desire for sex are powerful forces, so powerful they can turn our bodies into battle grounds. Bingeing, exercising to exhaustion, even entering repeatedly into unhealthy relationships — these are all addictive behaviours and symptoms of our body-obsessed world.

In Food, Sex & You, psychotherapist and recovered food addict Stacey Gorlicky will set you on a course to achieving full body acceptance and help you leave body obsession behind.

By sharing her personal journey and the stories of her clients, Stacey demonstrates how your attitude toward your body and your relationship with food and sex have been shaped by your upbringing, past traumatic experiences, and societal pressures. She then provides an action plan that will help you to sort out your feelings and behaviours surrounding food, allowing you to gain control of your eating.

Feel good about food. Feel great about sex.

Embrace the new you.

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