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Prospect Avenue

Border City Blues

Michael Januska

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Belletristik / Historische Kriminalromane


West meets East as bootleggers and cops tangle with opium smugglers and corrupt officials in a new kind of gang warfare.

Prospect Avenue is nothing more than a dirt road ending in bulrushes behind a roadhouse. It’s a popular rendezvous point along the Detroit River for bootleggers like Jack McCloskey. But there’s more than just rum-running going on these days; there’s a growing trade in opium and people, as McCloskey finds out when he rescues the survivor of a bad smuggling deal.

As if this wasn’t enough, McCloskey is also trying to get his dinner club back on its feet, while his girlfriend, the indomitable Vera Maude, has a wedding to plan … and it’s not her own. He’s trying to hold things together while police corruption and domestic strife threaten to pull it all apart. Then, a series of murders brings powerful groups into conflict and may drag McCloskey into the fray.

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whiskey, opium, Prohibition, vaudeville, Riverside Drive, Detroit, 1920s, silent film, detective, rum running, police, Detroit River, Ford City, Walkerville, Chinese immigrants, smuggling, Studebaker, human trafficking, Maiden Lane, Windsor, ON