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Astrid Taim's Almaguin Chronicles 2-Book Bundle

Almaguin / Almaguin Chronicles

Astrid Taim

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The Almaguin Highlands, an extensive territory covering a 90 kilometre corridor from Huntsville, north to Callander, west to Dunchurch, and east to the Algonquin Park border, is a land rich with lakes, rivers, and a lively history. Once considered as a site for a First Nations Reserve in the early 1800s, Almaguin became a centre for lumbering and ultimately a year-round mecca for outdoor enthusiasts. This 2-book bundle is Astrid Taim's definitive guide to the region and its heritage.

Almaguin: A Highland History offers a wide range of stories from the opening of the area by colonization roads to the first vessels on the Magnetawan River and the courage of the early pioneers. Included are community histories of the many towns, villages, and ghost towns of today; profiles of colourful personalities; as well as interesting and amusing tales of these rugged early times.

Almaguin Chronicles explores the relationship between lumbering and settlement throughout the Parry Sound District — the last frontier of this part of Ontario. Throughout, rare archival photographs and excerpts from unpublished memoirs augment the text.

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