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How to Profit from the Next Bull Market

Alan Dustin

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A complete resource for Canadians seeking to master the stock market and secure their financial futures.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just joining the game, How to Profit from the Next Bull Market will teach you valuable skills and secrets to investing and succeeding in the Canadian stock market. Learn how technical analysis will forecast when to buy and sell with certainty, interpret and understand a company’s financial statements with ease, master seven proven strategies that will protect you from losing money in the market today, and how understanding market cycles can be used to predict the future.

Financial adviser Alan Dustin teaches readers how to research, select, and manage their own stock portfolios using easily accessible resources, and provides an analysis of twenty Canadian and American companies that have demonstrated their financial strength, staying power, and incredible rates of return over repeated market cycles. This honest, candid, and understandable approach to investing will serve Canadian investors well for the rest of their lives.

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