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The Saddle Creek Series 5-Book Bundle

Christmas at Saddle Creek / Dark Days at Saddle Creek / and 3 more

Shelley Peterson

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Read all five novels in the Saddle Creek Series!
Stagestruck — Book 1
Abby is overjoyed when she is paired with champion showjumper Dancer. But strange events at an old converted barn start putting unexpected, and dangerous, obstacles in her path. With the help of a brave coyote named Cody and her extraordinary horse, Abby must find the truth: is someone is out to get her?
Sundancer — Book 2
When Sundancer comes to Saddle Creek Farm, Bird’s aunt calls the horse “unrideable.” But he is a wounded horse with a story he’s not ready to share, and Bird feels like they have that much in common. Will she be able to reach him before it’s too late?
Mystery at Saddle Creek — Book 3
During an extended stay with Bird’s Aunt Hannah at Saddle Creek, a local woman is attacked on a side road and left for dead. A vigilante group emerges and Bird finds herself caught up in the mystery. As Bird struggles to get to the bottom of everything, she learns more than she bargained for about her community, her past, and human nature.
Dark Days at Saddle Creek — Book 4
The horse show world is thrown into panic by a spree of cruel acts, and horses are placed in peril. Bird?s unique abilities lead her to team up with an undercover officer to catch the perpetrators. But while she races to unravel the mystery, hints about her own past are surfacing, leaving Bird feeling more lost than ever.
Christmas at Saddle Creek — Book 5
Bird once again travels to Saddle Creek, this time for the Christmas season. Bird, Cody, and Sunny help an eldery neighbour on Christmas Eve, and a long-held secret makes its way to light during Christmas dinner. It is not until after dinner, however, that a Christmas miracle happens, but with a price.

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