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Business and Retirement Guide to Belize

The Last Virgin Paradise

Bob Dhillon

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An essential guide to living, working, and retiring in Belize.

Totally updated, the second edition of the Business and Retirement Guide to Belize is an easy-to-read guide to investing, owning property, and retiring in Belize. Bob Dhillon, a successful real-estate developer in Belize, introduces the reader to the country, its beauty, its friendly people, and its economic attractions.

A tropical paradise with beautiful beaches, accessible rain forest, and lost jungle cities, Belize also has a cost of living that makes it affordable for Canadians, Americans, and Europeans. Whether you are a retiree looking for a beautiful, safe, affordable home, or an investor or entrepreneur seeking an attractive business environment, Belize, with its relaxed investment rules and unbeatable lifestyle, has everything you could want.

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