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Cherished Fortune

Make Your Wealth Your Business

Benoit Poliquin, Andrew Allentuck

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  • A direct, no-nonsense guide for beginning investors to make the most of their investment opportunities by adopting the same strategies small-business owners use to succeed
  • Addresses people who have the advantage of many years ahead of them, but don't know how to get started
  • Aims to empower young investors to take control of their portfolios, with a solid fundamental mindset that will serve them well throughout their investing days
  • Free of jargon, risky or esoteric strategies, and hype: the firm grounding inexperienced investors have been looking for
  • Written by Andrew Allentuck, Family Finance columnist from the Financial Post, who has taught economics at a number of schools including the University of Manitoba, and Benoit Poliquin, President and Lead Portfolio Manager for Exponent Investment Management and a Chartered Financial Analyst who has taught courses in international finance, derivatives, and fixed income investing at the University of Ottawa’s Telfer School of Management

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