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Carve the Heart

The Jack Palace Series

A.G. Pasquella

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Ex-con Jack Palace returns in a world of violence, heartbreak, and revenge.

Cassandra, the woman who broke Jack Palace’s heart, is suddenly back in his life. She owes $600,000 to a brutal gangster who has threatened her life, and she needs Jack’s help. Things start to get violent when Cassandra suddenly disappears … but not everyone believes she's in danger. Is Jack being set up?

Bikers, mobsters, and strippers collide as Jack storms the mean streets of Toronto searching for Cassandra. To find her, he must rip open old wounds and confront new enemies. But as loyalties falter and secrets are revealed, Jack begins to wonder who he can really trust. If he doesn’t figure it out fast, he — and everyone he cares about — could end up dead.

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Drinking, Knives, Alcoholism, Knife Fighting, Bag Man, Ontario, Toronto, Trauma, Nightclubs, Violence, Noir, Crime, Lake Ontario, Mob, Chinatown, Enforcer, Sex, Canada, Hamilton, Guns, Troubled Childhood, Bars, Betrayal, Mafia, Friendship, Responsibility, Love, Hate, Chinese Food