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Macabre Montreal

Ghostly Tales, Ghastly Events, and Gruesome True Stories

Shayna Krishnasamy, Mark Leslie

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Sachbuch / Sonstiges


A collection of ghost stories, eerie encounters, and gruesome tales from one of Canada’s most interesting cities.

Montreal is a city steeped in history and culture, but just beneath the pristine surface of this world-class city lie unsettling tales of uncanny phenomena, dark deeds, haunted buildings, and forgotten graveyards. The dark of night reveals buried secrets, alleyways that echo with the footsteps of ghostly spectres, and memories of ghastly murders and unspeakable acts that will make your blood run cold. Read, if you dare, about the ghost that wanders Griffintown in search of her missing head, top-secret experiments conducted on unwitting subjects at McGill University, and the mysterious gunshot deaths of a mother and son in their mansion, among other terrifying stories.

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