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Power, Prime Ministers and the Press

The Battle for Truth on Parliament Hill

Robert Lewis

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Geschichte


An intimate history of the journalists who covered Canadian history, and made some of their own.

The history of the press gallery is rich in anecdotes about the people on Parliament Hill who have covered 23 prime ministers and 42 elections in the past 150 years.

Mining the archives and his own interviews, Robert Lewis turns the spotlight on the watchers, including reporters who got too close to power and others who kept their distance.

The Riel Rebellion, the Pacific Scandal, two world wars, the Depression, women's liberation, Quebec separatism, and terrorism are all part of the sweeping background to this lively account of how the news gets made, manipulated, and, sometimes mangled. Since Watergate, press gallery coverage has become more confrontational — a fact, Lewis argues, that fails Canadian democracy.



Justin Trudeau, Diefenbaker, constitution, John A. Macdonald, Maple Leaf Flag, Great Depression, Hill, Ottawa, Parliament, Pierre Trudeau, elections, journalism, conscription, Wilfrid Laurier, parliamentary press gallery, Mulroney, crisis, Chrétien, scandal, war, Meech Lake, Riel, sex, free trade, Harper, Pearson, separatism