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Deep Water Dream

A Medical Voyage of Discovery in Rural Northern Ontario

Gretchen Roedde

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A hopeful memoir that shares the author’s voyage of discovery as a mother, wife, and physician in underserved communities in northern Ontario.

In underserved areas of Canada, the communities themselves can be one of the strongest parts of the health care team. Dr. Gretchen Roedde shows how local communities play a major role in responding to illness, birth, and death, making each more meaningful and bearable.

In Deep Water Dream, Roedde recounts stories from her long career — from working with a Cree community in developing a medical dictionary in their own language, to training community-based health workers, to delivering Amish babies in her own home. Roedde redraws the boundaries between physician and community, strengthening the capacity to care for those close by, and offers a hopeful and powerful example to the rest of the world.

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healthcare, community strength, northernl medicine, social justice, Aboriginal, remote, Indigenous, midwifery, rural, palliative care, remote settlements, health, Amish, resilience