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The Stone Frigate

The Royal Military College's First Female Cadet Speaks Out

Kate Armstrong

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A memoir from the first female cadet admitted to the Royal Military College of Canada.

Kate Armstrong was an ordinary young woman eager to leave an abusive childhood behind her when she became the first female cadet admitted to the Royal Military College of Canada. As she struggled for survival in the ultimate boys’ club, she called on her fierce and humourous spirit to push back against the whims of a domineering and patriarchal organization. Later in life, feeling unfulfilled in her post-military career, she realized that finding her true path forward meant she had to go back to the beginning and revisit the truth of what she had experienced all those years ago.

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grueling, androcentrism, fraternal bonds, male privilege, misogyny, cadet, sexual harassment, incest, Kingston, marginalization, sexual objectification, sex discrimination, male bastions, verbal abuse, military, rape, male chauvinism, women’s studies, sexism, hazing, military education, feminism, patriarchal culture