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A Foreign Affairs Mystery 3-Book Bundle

Escape to Havana / The Moscow Code / Remember Tokyo

Nick Wilkshire

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Belletristik / Krimis, Thriller, Spionage


International thrillers with a globe-trotting diplomat sleuth, each book is set in a different foreign locale. Sleuth Charlie Hillier is just a regular guy working for the diplomatic service with a knack for getting tangled up in international intrigue.

Escape to Havana — Book #1
Charlie Hillier believes a posting in Havana, far away from the indiscretions of his ex-wife and the monotony of a desk job, is just what he needs to start a new life. But when drugs, a kidnapping, and murder complicate things, he wonders if he’ll make it out of Cuba alive.

The Moscow Code — Book #2
Having barely survived his last posting in Havana, Charlie Hillier now finds himself in Moscow. When a writer arrested on dubious drug charges turns up dead, the official explanation is suicide. But Charlie has his doubts, and his investigation into the case brings him too close to powers more dangerous than he could have imagined.

Remember Tokyo — Book #3
Charlie’s latest posting in Tokyo immerses him in a new culture. His first case involves a banker who wakes from a coma with amnesia. It’s not long before Charlie’s inquiries land him in trouble again.

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