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The Grey Zone

A Jack Taggart Mystery

Don Easton

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


The thirteenth Jack Taggart Mystery pits Jack against a group of ruthless kidnappers.

The thirteenth Jack Taggart Mystery pits Taggart and his team against a group of ruthless kidnappers who have insider knowledge of police investigations within the Major Crimes Unit. He identifies one of the kidnappers and goes undercover with new operative Alicia Munday in an elaborate sting to lure the rest of the gang into a trap.

Taggart is with the kidnappers on the day the trap is to be sprung, but he discovers they’ve already kidnapped another victim and they are both to be murdered in the belief that the police will pin the kidnapping on him. Still deep undercover, Taggart will have to come up with a risky plan for their survival before it’s too late.



RCMP, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, cocaine, CCTV, Intelligence Unit, Vancouver, informant, outlaw biker, organized crime, wiretap, homicide, GPS tracker, undercover, drug trafficking, gang war, surveillance, murder