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The New Wedding Book

A Guide to Ditching All the Rules

Michelle Bilodeau, Karen Cleveland

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Plan your wedding without the weight of outdated customs and get hitched in a way that is authentic, fun, and true to who you are.

From the minute couples become engaged, they are pressured to buy into a one-size-fits-all wedding. By breaking down the antiquated traditions of that #blessedweddingday, The New Wedding Book will help you and your betrothed throw those icky traditions to the curb in honour of having the wedding of your actual dreams — not the one you've been force-fed for decades by the wedding-industrial complex.

Inspiring couples to plan their wedding in a way that is meaningful to them, Bilodeau and Cleveland debunk the manufactured traditions, advocate for realistic budgets, offer brilliant advice from real-life couples, and confront the crushing pressure for weddings to be perfect.


<i>The New Wedding Book</i>'s mission is empowering and its tone is lively. Most importantly, its advice is practical: Once you're all fired up, <i>The New Wedding Book</i> provides useful tools for how to shrug off the weight of other people's expectations and actually follow your heart. My favourite part of this wonderful, modern, extremely timely book is the personal love stories so vivid that you can practically taste the spun sugar. Essential reading.
"Women have rewritten every part of our lives, except how we marry." This line—from Michelle Bilodeau and Karen Cleveland's delightfully disruptive new book, <i>The New Wedding Book: A Guide to Ditching All the Rules</i>—struck me with the force of a 10-pound bouquet to the forehead. It's just so true. The cultural conditioning implicit in what Bilodeau and Cleveland call the "wedding arms race" is both insidious and infantilizing. Thankfully, the newly engaged now have an excellent guide to navigating the minefield of restrictive, often inherently misogynistic rituals previously filed under "tradition."
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