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From the Heart

Family. Community. Service.

Mary Anne Chambers

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Sachbuch / Biographien, Autobiographien


A refreshing memoir that challenges readers to make the most of life’s opportunities.

After moving to Canada from Jamaica in 1976, a colleague at Scotiabank told Mary Anne Chambers not to be surprised if she didn’t get very far. The overlapping characteristics of her identity — Caribbean immigrant, Black businesswoman, Catholic, wife, and mother—were expected to hinder her both personally and professionally. Yet, against all odds, she went on to attain senior roles in both business and politics.

In her inspiring memoir, Chambers shares lessons from the moments that challenged and defined her. From the Heart encourages us to be our authentic selves, to embrace curiosity, to find value in our life experiences and those we meet along the way.



Scotiabank, Social justice, Mentorship, Family, Success, Public Policy, Leadership, Child welfare, Being Black, Community building, Political Life, Educators, Making a difference, Children and Youth, Diversity and Equity, University of Toronto, Autism, Education, Citizenship, Jamaica, Training, Colleges & Universities, Life-long learning, An Immigrant’s story, Advocacy, Gratitude, Resilience, Inspiration, Canada, Government