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Troubling Times for Educators

William C. McCoy

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Teachers are easily and often criticized. New waves of criticism have gained momentum due to what some have termed our 'failing schools.' The schools and the teachers in particular have been singled out as targets for reproach based on flawed and often erroneous premises arrived at by many who have never spent a day in our schools and walked the walk with a teacher. William McCoy writes from the perspective of more than twenty years experience in the public schools. He knows that today, too many students are arriving at school with poor attitudes that sooner or later reflect on their academic success and behavior. These attitudes are formed from the beliefs and attitudes our youth encounter at home and in the community. His inside perspective on the countless other possible reasons schools are not measuring up to expectations makes the case for students, parents, and the community to realize 'we are all teachers_children learn from everyone.' Knowing there is no one answer, McCoy opens a new door of understanding of the educators' dilemmas and predicament in an increasingly complicated profession.

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