The Saga of a Family, a Car Business and the Seven Deadly Sins

Sam Markley

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


After curiosity prompts auto executive Sean Cassidy to take an exit off the turnpike near Miller Falls, Connecticut, he is saddened to see that a rival dealership has closed, leaving the surrounding area eerily silent. As Sean wonders how much of life is dictated by fate, his thoughts drift back to the day he walked in the showroom of his family businessCassidy Motors. It was 1974, the first time his father would put his trust in his inexperienced son. As Sean recalls his first days in the business, he remembers not only the good times, but also the struggles as he learns to adjust to his new role in charge of employees who are unreceptive to the brash management style of the owners young son. As Sean and his wife settle into life as new parents, the following years are filled with excitement and emotion as family relationships are tested. Some thirty years later, the business is in jeopardy, and Sean risks everything in a desperate attempt to save it. Showroom is the poignant tale of one familys journey from success to disappointment as they share a passion for pleasing customers, building their business, and most importantly, loving each other.

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