Past Lives and Borrowed Bodies

The Afterlife Series

Bambi Harris

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Belletristik / Fantasy


With her murder well behind her, Penny has a new adventure to contend with: uncontrollable time travel. And shes made a powerful enemy right off the bat. Claudius, the evil, ancient Roman merchant, needs to get Penny and her abilities as a seer out of the picture, so he sends her jumping in and out of other peoples bodies in a wild race through time. Pennys trip takes her to plague-infested Europe, the hippie era, the Vietnam War, and beyond. Despite the constant change of address (and body and time), Penny still manages to communicate with her allies: the moody and handsome Avery, cowboy Roy, and her vintage-loving angel, Eric. They frantically try to get her back to her new home in Gods garden, but Claudius is a twisted puppet master. He has hidden her in time and has quite a selection of exhaustiveand exhaustingmisadventures planned for her. But not all is despair and confusion. Penny uses her many skills to comfort people along her journey, and she is reunited with family she didnt know she hadeventually experiencing some of her own past lives. Pennys inspiring journey of self-improvement and hard-earned life lessons is another fun ride on the astral plane in this third installment in the popular Afterlife series.