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Belletristik / Science Fiction


Fourteen-year-old Jean Karona cannot stop running. In the midst of a life and death game of hide-and-seek with her two younger siblings, Vivian and Rory, Jean knows its up to her to keep them all safe from the demented Trackers who hunt them.Planet Earth is not a place anyone wants to live on anymore. The devastation of nine years of warhas taken its toll on everyone, including Jeans family. As every country fights for world domination,Jeans parents are snatched by the Trackers and forced onto the battlefield, leaving Jean alone to care for her sister and brother. But after a new law passes, Jean is recruited into the War and is leftwith no choice but to leave Vivian and Rory behind. Her fight is not only physically daunting, but also aclash of wills, as every surrounding power demands her best. In this action-packed sci-fi adventure, Jean soon realizes that she is immersed in a deadly cat-and-mouse game where her life is at stake. Withno time left for indecision or fear, Jean must learn to fight like a real soldierbefore she loses everythingshe has ever loved.

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