The Carnivorous Collection

Deborah McKellar Daniel

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


An ordinary situation, a snapshot of time, could be something completely the opposite of what you believe or have been taught. I challenge you to ponder the following simple questions and to consider if they have ever occurred in your life and what you thought was the explanation: Have you ever come upon a beautiful scenic area and were able to get the perfect picture because nobody else was there? When exploring mountain trails, did you come across a cave that was so obscured by bushes that you decided not to disturb it? Why do you see various roads blocked off by locked, seemingly ancient, low metal gates on park roads? Do you ever wonder who is driving beside you in the sports car that has windows tinted so dark you cannot see in? Lastly, how many times have you driven on two-lane roads past pastures with only one cow in them? The Carnivorous Collection is a group of short stories that addresses each of these situations. They provide plausible yet fictional explanations as to why these particular snapshots exist. Read on with caution, however, these stories could possibly cause you to view your surroundings in a slightly different manner.