Adventures Around the World

Tibor Timothy Vajda

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Target Buenos Aires. A large Swiss pharmaceutical company is patenting a new drug against malaria only to find out that a similar application was also submitted. Yankee reunion in London. Kathleen Forest and Russel Clark reunited in London and they make the most of the occasion. Ray of Hope. (Ireland Australia) Terry Casey joined the IRA as a teenager. When arrested, the IRA springs him from prison, and sends him to Australia on a false identity. Rogers Christmas. (Sydney) Roger, a Sydney cab driver, picks up a girl on Christmas Eve but events turn differently from the way he expected. The Pierce Coulsons stories: a. Sex life of the Naval Cadet in Indianapolis. b. Pierce meets the woman of his life in Ulcinj. c. Pierce is an American Intelligence Officer in London. Rape of the Inca Empire. (Spain Peru) In the early XVI Century Spanish adventurers Pizzaro and Orellana set out to discover the West Indies, to rob the Inca gold and convert the pagans to Catholicism. In 2007 two descendants of Pizzaro and Orellana return to Trujillo, Spain.

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