If No One's Looking, Do We Have to Try as Hard?

And Other Ponderings of Women over Fifty

Mary Hemlepp

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Ratgeber / Lebenshilfe, Alltag


By the time women reach their fifties, theyve seen a lot of life. Many say its the best time of their lives, filled with inner peace and contentment. For some, its a jarring realization that their past is longer than their future. This leads them to think differently about the time they have left and what they want to do with it. In If No Ones Looking, Do We Have to Try as Hard?, author Mary Hemlepp provides a snapshot of how some women over fifty think, what they look forward to, what advice theyd give to younger women, and how happy they are at this stage of life. It also includes life stories of women whove blazed trails, overcome adversity, and raised the bar. She explores issues relating to female health and fitness, relationships, finance, work life, and well-being. Based on interviews and informal discussions with hundreds of women, If No Ones Looking, Do We Have to Try as Hard? communicates that getting older doesnt have to slow women down. Women over fifty are vibrant, busy women who enjoy life to the fullest.