Creating Community

Finding Meaning in the Place We Live

George Randall West

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Creating Community: Finding Meaning in the Place We Live. "This is the book I wish I had when I walked into the west side, inner city of Chicago for my first experience in an intentional effort to create community." George West" This is the book we ALL need as community development practitioners. Those on the journey of creating community will find the reflections, stories, and advice extremely valuable. It can be used as an instructional guide, or as a mirror to deepen your own insights and intuitions. Just as this book suggests, development HAS to be bottom up to be most effective. All the people MUST be involved. All the problems DO have to be addressed. Negative operating images that block an individual's or community's self-esteem HAVE to be overcome. George West has outlined great principles, and even better, the practical ways of implementing them shine through in this gem of a book. Get it today!! ALSO AVAILABLE FROM ICA CANADA Transformational Strategy by Bill Staples The Art of Focused Conversation by R. Brian Stanfield The Workshop Book by R. Brian Stanfield The Art of Focused Conversation for Schools by Jo Nelson The Courage To Lead by R. Brian Stanfield