A Guiding Light

Sister Louise Sweigart cgs

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Belletristik / Hauptwerk vor 1945


Joseph, the young carpenter of Nazareth has lost his heart to the maiden he has seen coming from the well. Who is this girl? He is expected to marry. He dreams of fatherhood. But he has a secret, which fills him with conflicting emotions. How is he to reconcile his desires; and will she accept him? You may feel you know Joseph; but have you ever tried to plumb the depths of his heart to tremble with his love, to tingle with his hopes, to be enmeshed by his fears? Wouldnt you like to meet his friends? And what of this maiden who holds his heart so captive? Have you ever pondered on his ecstasy when she accepts his proposal, and his agony when confronted by evidence of betrayal? Although much is fictional, and sometimes based on accepted legends, the customs, setting and key events are true. Come, and meet this couple whose hidden lives of fidelity to God have forever changed the course of history.

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