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He Ping

An Orphan’S Destiny

Lorilei T. Ching

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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Kinderbücher bis 11 Jahre


Because baby He Pings parents are only allowed to have one child, when she is born, they place her in a basket and abandon her on a street in China, hoping that someone will adopt her. As He Ping embarks on a journey of hope, God begins to work His miracles. Across the ocean in a continent far away, the Holy Spirit stirs the heart of a family to pray about adoption. Meanwhile, a policeman takes He Ping to an orphanage, where a nice lady feeds her and cares for her. As Father God plans a future filled with hope and prosperity, He chooses the perfect family for her; she meets them in a grand hotel with shiny floors. But as two strangers hold out their arms and offer her a toy, He Ping feels scareduntil she hears God whisper in her ear. Inspired by real-life experiences, He Ping shares the story of a Chinese orphan who discovers her fate and learns the truth about Gods eternal promises as despair gives way to abounding love.