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Mama, I Just Didn’T Know

Eleanor Simmons Vaughn

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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Sachbücher / Sachbilderbücher


It is the 1960s, and Eleanor just doesn't know. She does not think it is a big deal to sit at the counter at Woolworths and eat lunch. But her mother knows otherwise. She knows that until recently, black customers were not allowed to sit at the counter like the white customers were. Eleanors mother is her hero. She works hard to help put food on the table, takes her children to church, and opens her heart and home to everyone. As her mother teaches Eleanor about life through her faith and steadfastness, the girl grows to admire her mother for her strength, compassion, and grit as she faces one challenge after the other. While Dr. Martin Luther King marches and Rosa Parks makes a stand, Eleanors mother slowly loses her sight, but never her determination to help those less fortunate than hereven in the most difficult of times. Mama, I Just Didn't Know is an inspirational childrens tale that reveals a glimpse into an important time in our nations history and the life of a woman determined to leave her mark on the world.

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