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Therapy in the Real World

Effective Treatments for Challenging Problems

Elizabeth N. Cleek, Brian Mundy, Matt Wofsy, et al.

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Psychologie


Helping beginning and experienced therapists cope with the myriad challenges of working in agencies, clinics, hospitals, and private practice, this book distills the leading theories and best practices in the field. The authors provide a clear approach to engaging diverse clients and building rapport; interweaving evidence-based techniques to meet therapeutic goals; and intervening effectively with individuals, families, groups, and larger systems. Practitioners will find tools for addressing the needs of their clients while caring for themselves and avoiding burnout; students will find a clear-headed framework for making use of the variety of approaches available in mental health practice.

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mental health, inpatient, evidence-based treatments, psychotherapy, addictions, groups, motivational interviewing, multistressed, recovery, poverty, clinician self-care, supervision, individuals, racial diversity, cbt, outpatient, clinical training, multisystems, mindfulness, cognitive-behavioral therapy, crisis intervention, family, clinics, multicultural, relapse prevention, agency, homelessness, families