Law and Mental Health

A Case-Based Approach

Robert G. Meyer, Christopher M. Weaver

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Recht


Favored by instructors and students for its real-world focus and engaging style, this authoritative text on the interface of psychology and law has now been revised and expanded. Each chapter provides an overview of case law on an important topic and explores selected cases in depth. Coverage includes psychological and mental health issues in criminal and civil proceedings; the role of practitioners as expert witnesses and forensic consultants; and legal concerns in general clinical practice. Salient legal processes and decisions are summarized and implications for todays clinical and forensic practitioners highlighted. Instructors who adopt the book for courses will receive a supplemental test bank with questions keyed to each chapter. Students can access a downloadable Study Guide. New to This Edition *Updated throughout with current research and substantive changes in mental health law. *Chapter on competency in juvenile justice. *Citations of 115 new legal cases. *Conclusion identifying urgent social challenges facing the field. Pedagogical Features *Boxes on key concepts and areas of controversy. *Where are They Now? boxes revisiting people from landmark cases. *Updated test bank and new downloadable Study Guide. *End-of-chapter lists of legal cases discussed.

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