Dr. Vogt's Phytochemical Diet

You Are What You Eat

Herbert R. Vogt

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The Phytochemical Diet is the diet of the future, its primary goal is to select natural foods with high levels of biologically active components to enhance human health beyond basic nutrition. The word phytochemical is coming from the Greek word for plant Phyto.This book is dedicated to explore natural food and describes all its ingredients and their impact in our diet. Longevity and good health are no accident, even though longevity is determined by genetic influence and other factors, proper nutrition is especially an important factor for a long life and good health.Eat right and live longer is not an empty promise. Proper nutrition is the foremost therapy against premature aging and degenerative diseases. The process of getting old is a one-way street, there is no way of getting out. The only thing we can do is delay the time of arrival at the entrance.The author goes on explaining how the maintenance of our cells and immune system sustains health and prolongs life. How the risk of developing cancer and heart disease is kept to a minimum through vitamins and phytochemicals in our diet.The change to a more natural way of eating is a gradual and ongoing process, eventually the taste and desire for natural foods becomes an automatic way of life.Overweight may be looked at as a cosmetic problem among younger people, but as you get older you are definitely risking your life. When changing your diet, it is hard to break old habits, but becomes easier if the changeover is permanent. The emphasis in the new way of dieting is in the selection, combination and preparation of foods.The concept to look at food as a natural source of medicine is a recent one and is showing to gain popularity. Plant food and herbal medicine always had a common denominator, what combines them are the Phytochemicals.We are now, with the help of technology, beginning to understand how food works to prevent the onset of certain diseases and is ultimately able to restore human health, the information found so far on phytochemicals just provides another reason to eat in particular more fruits and vegetables.The fact that natural vitamins obtained from fresh fruits and vegetables are better antioxidants than synthetic vitamin supplements is easy to explain. It is not only vitamins and minerals alone which are beneficial for our health, but the combination of them with Phytochemicals that can only be found in plant food.Phytochemicals either act as cancer blockers or enter the cells and reverse the pathological mutation. Just as chemists are beginning to understand how substances in food prevent cancers from forming, other researchers are bearing down on the mechanics of malignancies.The Author deems it necessary to elaborate on the topic of cancer prevention and treatment through the natural phytochemicals in our nutrition.Heart disease is responsible for about a million or more deaths annually. Cancer strikes 635,000 persons each year and claims the lives of 335,000. Heart disease and other cardiovascular conditions lead to an early death of stroke and heart infarct.The average person in the Western World, especially the American male, is about 30 times more likely to suffer a heart attack than die in an automobile accident. Yet we display much greater constraints on our behavior in a motor vehicle than at the dining table.Phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals are not food, but they are found in food, and we can not live without them.Heart disease is not inevitable with old age and can be retarded or prevented with natural foods.The Author elaborates in a comprehensive description on heart disease. He explains the danger, risk factors and common causes. He also presents prevention and treatment avenues from nature itself in the form of a proper nutrition.A list of such valuable foods is explained in detail to create your own diet for the protectio

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