Curse of the Image

A Handbook for the Tribulation

Betty F. Qualls

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Belletristik / Horror


If used by those left behind after the Rapture of the Church, "e;The Curse of The Image"e; Handbook, will take the reader step by step through the events described in the Bible. It will reveal the plan that Satan has, to use the Image people have come to know as Christ, and how Satans plan will be implemented before the second coming of Christ. Scriptures are provided in order that one can check for validity.Not a subject widely discussed, the practice of the veneration of carved statues and pictures unwinds like a scarlet thread down through the ages of church history. Some Christians arent aware the practice is Idolatry. The writer gives examples with Scripture backup, to aquaint the reader with the wide-spread practice and how important it will be to know as much as we can about the Mark of The Beast. If you have children or other loved ones who are not saved, get them a copy of this book. It may be the only hope they will have if they are left behind.There are years of prayer concerning this book. The writer knows this may be controversial. Her oldest son said of the writing, "e;Mom if you publish this book, the church world will crucify you."e; That may figuratively come to pass. However, the writer feels its necessary to bring this revelation to the attention of the public. Saint or Sinner this is the book for you, along with your Bible. The writer strongly encourages all who read the book to have a Bible at their side because, the Holy Bible is the last authority by which all are to be judged. The writer prays that the reader will read and research the subject, for there is much more to be brought to the attention of the masses concerning the Rapture of the church and the second coming of the Lord. In all this she has been diligent to pray and study for some twenty years on this subject. If one soul is snached from the greedy hands of Satan, the writer feels she will have been successful in this endeavor. THIS IS NOT A WORK OF FICTION: