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The Ultimate Book of Bathroom Etiquette and Humor

Larry A. Glanz

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Belletristik / Humor, Satire, Kabarett



Stories, Quotes, Rules, Songs, Musings, and More to Educate, Entertain & Inspire.

There are other books on the market designed to give bathroom users a few laughs, or a lot of arcane facts, while they are passing their time…and gas. But there are very few if any other books that are about all aspects of the bathroom itself. The Ultimate Book of Bathroom Etiquette and Humor will uniquely give you the expertise you need to make you a more considerate bathroom user, and have you laughing your butt off in the process.

Bathroom etiquette expert and author Larry Glanz, a longtime traveling salesman in the nutritional products industry, has experienced more than his share of bathroom follies, committed by both hosts and guests alike. And indeed, as he hilariously shares in the Introduction of this book, he has also committed his own embarrassing acts, which he describes as some “real doozies”. Having seen the best and the worst of countless bathrooms over his many years on the road, he is determined to make better hosts and guests of us all. Glanz dispenses advice on everything from flushing to spraying the air to taking proper care of pets (or Pet-iquette) through clever and catchy rhymes and parodies.

The Ultimate Book of Bathroom Etiquette and Humor features:

• Hundreds of tidbits of advice conveyed in catchy, rhyming form
• 60-plus full song parodies
• Dozens of Commandments of Bathroom Etiquette
•Oodles of Fartlett’s Unfamiliar Quotations
• The exclusive, hilarious advice of the ancient bathroom philosopher Confuse-us

…and so much more to learn about, laugh at and sing to!!!

Author Larry Glanz, who had previously earned a guest appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show to highlight his first book, “How to Start a Romantic Encounter”, believes that the timing is right for this book, as we can all use the laughs…not to mention clean, fragrant bathrooms. So pick up a copy for yourself, for family and friends, or for anyone who is liable to be a guest in your bathroom! You’ll thank us later.



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