Our Wars Overseas and at Home

Ltcol Dominik George Nargele Usmc (Ret)

LtCol Dominik George Nargele

ca. 13,08
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Many thanks for the copy of Our Wars Overseas And At Home. I know it will be a great read. - General P.X. Kelley USMC (Ret). Nargeles book is pure platinum that vividly describes the impact of Communist oppression on him and his family as WW II ended, and his journey to and through the Marine Corps........a journey that included combat service in Vietnam and sensitive challenging diplomatic assignments that followed. - Lieutenant General Stephen Olmstead USMC (Ret). Anyone who reads Our Wars Overseas And At Home will share the enthusiasm I have for your book. It is an insightful look at the adverseries we have faced when we joined the Marine Corps in the 1960s. - Major General Donald R. Gardner USMC (Ret), President Marine Corps University. Lieutenant Colonel Nargeles book is an absorbing and engrossing story of a Marines service to his country and Corps. Well done, Marine!- Major General W. H. Rice USMC (Ret).

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LtCol Dominik George Nargele
LtCol Dominik George Nargele
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