Tell Me a Story – Monique

The Early Years

Jenny Arnesen

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


What impact can a seemingly ordinary woman have on the world around her? Moniques idyllic childhood takes a drastic turn with her fathers involvement in world war II. Forced by circumstance to become stronger than she knows how, she tackles life with love and devotion. But is she strong enough to stand all life throws at her, can she love those around her enough so that they can grow to be the beautiful people she sees. Her story takes her through the trials of being left behind during a time of war. She leaves the Cape to start her life in Natal only to find her soul mate along the way and settle in the beautiful area of Clarence in the Freestate, she is always drawn to those in need and through this ends up living in Durban, but love always wins through and she returns to Clarence and her beloved. She becomes the centre of love and guidence to her family and affects the lives of her family as well as those drawn to her. Her life truly becomes a testament to what we can achieve and have if we are only willing to love with everything inside of us!

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