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Secrets of Phoenix Eye Fist Kung Fu

The Art of Chuka Shaolin

Mark Wiley, Cheong Cheng Leong

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Master the terrifyingly effective Phoenix Eye Fist style of Chinese Kung Fu with this illustrated martial arts guide.

The Secrets of Phoenix-Eye Fist Kung-Fu depicts an enormously potent art, also known as Chuka Shaolin, that does not depend on strength or size. Instead, it utilizes a special striking technique, the phoenix-eye fist, aimed at vital points on the opponent's body.

Phoenix-Eye Fist Kung-Fu excels at close-range fighting—an area neglected in many other martial arts—and employs a variety of lightning-fast strikes and kicks. Due to its deadly efficacy, there is no sparring in Chuka Shaolin, but instead complex two-person practice forms are employed—both for empty-handed fighting and for fighting with weapons—in which the practitioners fight all-out, and are protected only by a precise knowledge of the form.

With hundreds of clear photographs, The Secrets of Phoenix-Eye Fist Kung-Fu reveals:
  • The fundamental techniques of the empty-handed art
  • A complete breakdown of the two-person empty-hand practice forms
  • Detailed instruction in Chuka Shaolin pole fighting, including
    the practice forms
  • An overview of the other weapons used in Chuka Shaolin, including the sai, the twin knives, the spear, and the farmer's hoe
  • Special forms of Chi Kung designed to increase striking power,
    increase vitality, and aid in resisting and healing injuries

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