Swords and Talons

J. R. Troha

ca. 10,99
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Belletristik / Fantasy


Willy Jack Cortez loves baseball, hunting, fishing, and being outdoors. Except for the fact that he suffers from claustrophobia, he is like any other normal teen. But any normalcy he had in his life changed on his seventeenth birthday when he inherited an alien sword with magical properties from a deceased grandfather whom he's never met. From there Willy's day gets even weirder. He is visited by an alien messenger and learns that his grandfather had been a passenger on the spacecraft that crashed near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. Furthermore, he also learns from the messenger that his grandfather's true identity was William I, King of Whiterook and Willy is the sole heir to the throne. However, there is one catch. Along with the sword and kingdom, Willy also inherits a prophecy written more than sixty years before his birth, a prophecy which will send him on a quest light years from Earth and plunge him into the medieval world of the four kingdoms, a land of exquisite beauty, yet also filled with many dangers. A land where dragons, gargoyles, elves, demons, and giant birds of prey called Warbirds are all very real. Once there, Willy quickly discovers that being a royal prince is nothing like he had imagined it would be. Not only is it very demanding, but it could also get him killed. As the heir to Whiterook, his very presence has put him on a collision course with a powerful demon lord, named Daemon...and only one of them can live. Willy must rely on his Indian skills learned in the wild and his knowledge of 20th century battle tactics in order to survive. His only weapons are his grandfather's sword, a fierce eagle named Terunga, and a loquacious alien machine called Gyver that speaks directly to his brain.