Lessons of Chelby

A Real Life Story

Brenda Anderson Parker

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Ratgeber / Lebensführung, Persönliche Entwicklung


THE LESSONS OF CHELBYPerhaps, you are going through some difficult times and/or challenges RIGHT NOW! What are difficult times/challenges? Possibly, you have lost a loved one, and just cant seem to let go. Maybe you have loss your job or are facing job lose with the possibility of no health nor life insurance. Perhaps your business has taken a down turn due to the stresses on our economy. Have you been diagnosed with a debilitating or life threatening dis-ease, such as glaucoma, cancer, diabetes, aids, or other malady? Do you have a substance or emotional addiction? If so, then let this story change, inspire, motivate or just make you fly with this thought, If Chelby can P U S H through her dramatic life changing experiences, then, what about me? This book is about a little baby girl name Chelby, who at 19 months experienced the first stroke and subsequently, over the next six years would have four additional strokes, four seizures, 3 aneurisms, and a shunt placed in her brain. WAIT, before you get saddened, discouraged or frightened, let the actions, faith, courage and hope of this little girls experiences, now ten years of age, elevate your life. Whether you are on a living life to its fullest high or are going through the challenge of your life, stay tuned and GET READY!